If your toilet is overflowing or having any other type of sewage event, contact Superior Mitigation at 940-452-0015. Our licensed and certified professionals have the tools and resources necessary to work quickly and efficiently to clean up wastewater and restore your property to its pre-flooded condition. We understand what a stressful situation this can be for you, which is why our friendly staff is available around the clock to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

Storms, tree roots, and debris can cause extensive damage to your sewer system. Issues such as clogged drains or flooding can lead sewage to back up into your home drain pipes, leaving a serious mess on your hands. At Superior Mitigation, we’re experts at cleaning and restoring your property to its former condition. If sewage is left untreated in your home, not only does it pose structural hazards, but it can cause serious harm to your health. Our sewer backup cleaning services are done by certified professionals who work quickly and efficiently to clean up the mess and sanitize your home.

Overflowing Toilet?

If your toilet is overflowing, make sure to shut the valve off to avoid any additional water damage.

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