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We are a dedicated team that strives for nothing short of excellence in all mitigation and restoration. We are a small company but are capable of producing significant and pristine quality work. Listed here on our website are just a few areas we have specialized in, but we will take on any mitigation job, big or small. Please make your way to our contact page for further inquires about our services and our team.

Residential & Commercial

Water Damage

Dealing with water damage is a time-sensitive situation. Superior Mitigation is prepared to tackle any situation, from a burst pipe to an overflowing toilet. Our experienced staff is standing by to ensure that your property does not suffer additional damage.

Fire Damage

Fires can cause significant damage to your house or company.  Your property will most certainly suffer not just fire and smoke damage, but also significant water damage and flooding.  Superior Mitigation is specialized in fire and water damage repair to rapidly clean up and restore your property to its pre-fire state.

Mold Remediation

With the introduction of a water source, such as a roof or plumbing leak, any house or company may rapidly become infected with mold.  Mold may grow throughout a home in as little as 48-72 hours, producing allergens and irritants that can cause a multitude of health problems.

Storm Cleanup

Storm and flood damage can be quite costly. You need to act quickly, and you need a business that has dealt with storm damage before. Superior Mitigation has the knowledge and resources to manage any magnitude of disasters and can respond quickly to storm and flooding situations.

Sewage Cleanup

We know how distressing a sewage backup can be. Our team has dealt with similar situations before. We have the most up-to-date drying technology and the required skills to eliminate any remaining odors or contaminants. Our qualified professionals will leave your house or office cleaner than when they arrived, allowing you to go about your daily routine.


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